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B62 Remastered - Red Roof Inn 03

Buildings B62 Remastered - Red Roof Inn 03 v1.0.3

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Game Requirement(s)
Simcity 4, Simcity 4 Rush Hour
About This File
Red Roof Inn was incorporated by founder James R. Trueman in 1972. The Inn first opened in Columbus, Ohio with a single room rate of $8.50 USD in 1973. Today, Red Roof Inn has more than 325 locations, serves millions of guests each year and employs over 6,000 people. The majority of Red Roof Inns locations are located in the Midwest, East and the South, and boast on high customer awareness and outstanding brand image in the economy market.

This BAT was originally created by Bobbo662 (aka B62). I am revisiting one of the few gems he has ever uploaded.

For comments/feedback/critique/praise or drop me a pm. I'd be happy to help. Also, visit the for full sized images.

6x6 CS$ Plop, 6x6 CS$ Grow
Growth Stage : 2
Jobs : 616 CS$
Plop Cost : $65000
Bulldoze Cost : $6500
Power Consumed : 13
Water Consumed : 125
Air/Water Pollution : Negligable
Garbage Pollution : 18 over 2 tiles
Flamability : 45

BSC Props - B62 Red Roof Inn (included)

And above all... have fun!

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